Françoise d’Eaubonne (1920–2005) was a French radical feminist, environmentalist and labor rights activist.  Co-founder of the FHAR (Front homosexuel d’action révolutionnaire), a revolutionary gay rights alliance in Paris, she was the author of a vast body of writings encompassing historical and science fiction novels, memoirs, biographies, and philosophical treatises about women and the environment. Outside France, she is best known for coining the term ecofeminism in her 1974 book Le Féminisme ou la Mort (Feminism or Death).

Although none of her works have yet been translated into English in their entirety except for Feminism or Death (trans. Ruth A. Hottell, Verso, 2022), I produced the following translations of some of her short texts into English for the website :

To learn more about Françoise d’Eaubonne (in French, English, and Italian!), her legacy, and the revival of her work in France and many other countries, visit (English version: